Gladiator Door Systems

We supply the most advanced high security entrance doors in the world.  Features of the doors include:

1) Each door is manufactured from two galvanized steel casings and reinforcing internally with vertical and horizontal ribs. 

2) The interior space is filled with polystyrene foam for thermal and acoustic insulation. 

3) It is supplied with our high security 4-way lock.  This provides a minimum of 7 locking bolts around the door, including the hinge side.  

4) Three heavy duty adjustable hinges.

5) Hardened steel cylinder protector that combats drilling of the cylinder.

6) High security Mul-T-Lock or Dynamic+ cylinder and five keys and owner card. 

7) Peripheral weather seal to prevent water ingress.

8) A variety of decorative finishes are available; including wood grain PVC, powder coating and wood veneer. 

9) Door typically weighs 50kg.

10) Frames are supplied to match the door and installation requirements.  The frames are also manufactured from galvanised steel and can be supplied with a PVC decorative skin.

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