Fire Retardant Insulation

Isotherm (Brits Nonwoven) (Onsite Exhibitor)

ISOTHERM compliments the architectural and construction practice of “green building” by increasing the energy efficiency of buildings AND reducing the impact buildings have on human health and the environment.  By its very definition ISOTHERM is an energy efficient product, reducing the warming and cooling needs of interiors. ISOTHERM greatly reduce energy consumption and cost, while regulating indoor temperatures for ultimate comfort. ISOTHERM has recognized standards of quality and proof of qualitative associations and meet the stipulated requirements of the new SANS 10400 XA regulations. ISOTHERM will not contribute to the spread of flames and the product will self-extinguish when the heat source is removed, B/B1/2 fire rating, safe to use in residential and commercial applications.

ISOTHERM offers the following important qualities:


  • Thermal insulation for ceilings, walls and geysers
  • Has acoustic properties, will dampen ambient sounds such as wine noise & rainfall
  • Resistant to condensation and associated fungi and bacterial
  • Retains loft will not collapse over time
  • Will dry naturally should it be exposed to water
  • Pleasant to touch, safe to use without protective clothing or respirators
  • Made from recycled PET polymer, the same raw material used in common household textiles & clothing
  • Non-allergenic
  • Non-irritant
  • Non-toxic
  • Itself 100% recyclable
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Cape Twon
South Africa
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083 446 9553
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Lizl Groenewald
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Thermguard (PTY) Ltd. (Onsite Exhibitor)

THERMGUARD is an established and trusted thermal insulation product manufactured in South Africa.

Since production began in 1984, THERMGUARD has been successfully insulating buildings for 28 years in households and industry countrywide. It is the truly tried and tested frontrunner eco-friendly product that has stood the test of time.

 THERMGUARD Cellulose Fibre Insulation is made from recycled newsprint mixed with additives to make it fire retardant and insect and rodent resistant. Thousands of tons of newsprint that could otherwise have been sent to fill up landfills are milled into our light cellulose insulation product with optimal density, which is blown onto the ceiling in your roof. Cellulose insulation fits effectively into all the hard to reach nooks and crannies, ensuring the best possible coverage for superior results.

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Somerset West
Cape Town
South Africa
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Jason May
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