Corroshield (Onsite Exhibitor)

CORROSHIELD® fasteners have now been utilized in the South African market for over a decade.

With the evolution of roof sheeting material, the need for an innovative and quality fastener grew.

This gave birth to CORROSHIELD® South Africa (Pty) Ltd which was formed in 2011. 

CORROSHIELD® South Africa (Pty) Ltd partnered with Engineering Edge (SINGAPORE) Pte Ltd, manufacturers of the international brand of CORROSHIELD® and TAPPERMAN® fasteners.

Engineering Edge (SINGAPORE) Pte Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Oil & Gas, Construction and Industrial fasteners. With production, research and development experience since 1989, they have established themselves as the premium fastening choice for their CORROSHIELD® and


In line with our manufacturer, CORROSHIELD® South Africa (Pty) Ltd commits ourselves to provide Quality Products and Exceptional Service with fastening solutions that give our customers an edge over their competitors.

Corner Berkley Roand and Bax Street
Cape Town
South Africa
086 126 2866
Mobile number:
072 613 4894
Contact Person:
Llewellyn Africa
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