Planning & Building Development Management

Planning and Building Development Department

The Planning and Building Development Management(PBDM) department regulates land use as well as building development in Cape Town, in order to create an effective and efficient urban environment. By smartly managing the development of the city today, the department is able to shape the city of tomorrow.

Through administering its zoning scheme, the Land Use Management section ensure that all land in Cape Town is used only according to its permitted land-use rights and considers applications by applicants to change permitted land-uses, zoning rights and their accompanying restrictions.

The Building Development Management section ensures that buildings in Cape Town comply with minimum construction standards and specifications as per approved building plans, in order to ensure a safe and healthy built environment for all.

16th Floor Cape Town Civic Centre
12 Hertzog Boulevard
Cape Town
South Africa
021 400 9445
Mobile number:
082 857 3159
Contact Person:
Natasjia Geldenhuys
021 400 2794
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