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City of Cape Town Solar Water Heating Programme (Onsite Exhibitor)

In November 2013, the City of Cape Town launched a new residential high-pressure solar water heater programme that addresses the key barriers to mainstream adoption of solar water heaters among residential homeowners in Cape Town. The focus on residential solar water heaters comes because heating water is the biggest use of electricity in a typical mid-to-high income Cape Town household and a solar water heater can cut overall electricity consumption by a third or more.

This saves the household money, and the more the electricity tariffs go up, the greater the savings.

But substantial benefits to all come from the broader adoption of solar water heaters. This lowers overall demand on the electricity grid, particulary during peak hours when the households tend to use hot water, in the morning before work and school, and in the evenings at dinner time and before bed. This lower peak demand means a lower risk of load shedding, which helps everyone.

As Capetonians, we all share the common goals of clean air, affordable and reliable electricity, and a healthy and resilient economy that benefits us all.

44 Wale Street
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa
021 400 1092
Contact Person:
Pholela Mcata

Tecron Water Heating (Onsite Exhibitor)

Tecron Water Heating was established in 1997 due to the firm belief in the efficiency of copper hot watercylinders - because we like to manufacture products that will last a lifetime.

A Tecron Hot Water Cylinder is a carefully refined copper water heater.  Copper remains the global material of choice for the manufacturing of hot water cylinders, because it has proven it durability and reliability over the decades.

Copper is an enviromentally friendly metal.  It does not deteriorate and has the highest recyling rate of any engineering metal in the world.  Copper is naturally biostatic, so it prevents bacterial growth on its surface.

Unit 6, Stellvall Business Park
24 Nourse Avenue
Epping Industria 2
Cape Town
South Africa
021 535 0137
Mobile number:
083 400 2161
Contact Person:
Roy Adam
021 535 0148
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