Waterless Urinals

The Good Earth (Onsite Exhibitor)

The Good Earth was formed in 2009, after acquiring the sole distribution rights for Falcon Waterfree Technologies in Southern Africa.

Since then our product mix has grown to include:



Marketed throughout the world as Falcon Waterfree, Falcon conducts business on every continent, manufacture in nine countries and have offices and affiliates in over 45 nations.

Together, we have installed more than 500 000 Falcon Waterfree urinal systems, with an eye on replacing a healthy share of the more than 50 million water-using urinals already installed.

A proven solution to the Growing Water Crisis: the system can be a major contributor to the world’s environmental health. As much as 5% of fresh water consumed is currently used to carry away urine. Each Falcon Waterfree urinal typically saves up to 100 000 litres or more of fresh water per year, It saves 100% of the water going through urinals, and therefore, 100% of the water and sewer charges.

There is very little maintenance cost on a Falcon urinal as there are no moving parts and no flushometer. Drain lines remain free of calcification as no hard water is running through them. The only maintenance is an easy change of the cartridge, performed approximately three to four times per year.



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083 443 6640
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Gerrard Boulle
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