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Everite Building Products (Onsite Exhibitor)

Everite Building Products has been associated with the South African building industry for more than sixty years. Producing a wide range of materials that satisfy the needs of the commercial, industrial and residential market sectors, Everite is renowned for its comprehensive range of Nutec roofing, ceilings, cladding and pipes amongst others.

111 Kruispad
Cape Town
South Africa
010 060 2926
Mobile number:
083 286 3429
Contact Person:
Carol Pienaar

Old World Concretes (Onsite Exhibitor)

Old World Concretes was founded in 1919 by William Spenser Winter.

Old World first began casting small concrete garden pieces in the backyard which he delivered to clinets by ox wagon. As the popularity of this quality products grew, he received requests for many more precast items.

In 1920 William Winter opened the first showroom in Jeppe with his son Hardwick Stephen Winter and changed the ownership tp W. Winter and Son. Many years of success at the Rand Easter Show led them to be gold medal winners for their outstanding show stands. During this period ornate fireplaces, polished marble terrastone bathroom items (such as sinks, basins, etc.) and their popular chimney piece designs, which can still be seen on many older Johannesburg houses, were some of the masterpieces of the Winter team.

The Leadership of the company was taken over by Cedric Stephen Winter, the son of Hardwick, and Erica and Richard Freeman (Daughter and son-in-law of Hardwick). Fountains and large garden ponds became very popular in the 1960's and 1970's along with many styles of precast walling. The company has always shown an ability to change with the times, a characteristic that has served them well as a greater demand in the building architectural fields has grown.

Now with branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town, the company moves into the future with Martin and Jeremy Winter (sons of Cedric Winter). Products continue to be of the highest quality, manufactured and delivered with the utmost respect for customer satisfaction. The integrity and high moral standards of the company, carried through each family generation from its founder, continue to make Old World Concretes a leading precast concrete manufacturer in South Africa

13 Bahrain Drive
Airport Industria North
Cape Town
South Africa
021 935 1390
Contact Person:
Anthea Fortune

Wintec Innovation (Pty) Ltd (Onsite Exhibitor)

Wintec Innovation

An innovator and pioneer in the use of architectural principles, engineering, material science and building technology to create sustainable, functional, cost-effective and aesthetic architectural, interior and furniture products.

Sustainable Story

Environmental Benefits

Double glazed All Wintec Innovations products follow the premise that sustainable design means doing the most with the least means. As a result all our products follow the logic of ‘less is more’ resulting in products which ultimately form part of a larger system solution rather than a product for a products sake.

Green Product Range

Traditionally staircases can present many on-site problems for builders on site. Typically, skilled carpenters set out and build shuttering that requires extensive propping and specially designed reinforcing before concrete can be poured. This reduces the amount of waste incurred from materials (shuttering, propping) and bleeding from concrete spills – ultimately reducing the impact of the staircase from both an environmental and cost perspective.

The Winstep brings to site precast concrete components that are simply assembled and require no further finishing except paint, carpet of floor tiles. A Winstep staircase can in fact be erected in a period of 24 hours.
The design of Winslot has been stimulated by the need for products that are both aesthetic as well as functional in regard to energy sustainability and the need for “Green” buildings.. The positioning of the Winslot creates louvre blades on the exterior façade of the building and a dynamic slot for glazing. Winslot allows the architect to manage the intake of direct sunlight into the building minimizing heat penetration into the building, however still allowing the maximum amount of light into the building. The building is therefore cooler in summer, and warmer in winter because of higher/lower sun angles. Less energy is therefore used to heat and cool buildings. WINTEC Innovation also offers the client the opportunity of double glazed (SIG) units into most Winvent aluminium windows thus minimizing sound transmission, and creating a thermal barrier for the building

C/O Cape Concrete
Wimbledon Road
Cape Town
South Africa
086 155 5180
Mobile number:
072 202 2090
Contact Person:
David Stradford
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