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Ultimate Water (Onsite Exhibitor)

Short description:

ULTIMATE WATER was established in 1991 in South Africa as the sole distributor of Everpure water treatment systems in Southern Africa. Everpure is a division of Pentair INC -  a NYSE listed multi-international company. 

ULTIMATE WATER has a wide variety of commercial & residential customers.  They include companies in restaurant chains, convenience stores, food service equipment manufacturers and government. 

ULTIMATE WATER’s major customers mimic those international clients that are doing business in Southern Africa. These include Coca Cola, Nestle. MacDonald’s, KFC & Starbucks. They supply the majority of coffee companies in Southern Africa. They also supply some of the Sun International, Legacy and The Saxon in Hotel Groups. 

ULTIMATE WATER has a distribution network throughout Southern Africa and Namibia. This distribution network has allowed ULTIMATE WATER to supply filtration units throughout Africa including Mauritius and Seychelles. 

ULTIMATE WATER has specific filtration options for each type of application.

Filtration solutions for:

•Cold beverage systems

•Coffee systems

•Ice systems

•Steam systems

Besides for the successful food service business, they do the residential market as well. 

They have recently started to distribute the Everpure residential range as well. They are very excited, it includes a wide range of point of use and point of entry systems for home use.

Our filters are able to remove bacteria and other harmful contaminates. 

The residential range includes solutions such as:

•Reverse osmosis (RO) systems

•Residential filtration systems for drinking water 

•Whole house systems (Softening, bacterial removal etc.)

“If you are serious about leading a healthy, holistic lifestyle, then you have to get serious about your water. Commercial grade water filters from Everpure demonstrates your commitment to your lifestyle”. From sediment control to lead reduction, we offer a comprehensive line of high quality products designed to meet almost every filtration need.

Unit 5 40 Killarney Avenue
Killarney Gardens
Cape Town
South Africa
021 556 7418
Mobile number:
076 751 7822
Contact person:
Roan Muntingh

United Fibre Cement Company (UFCC) (Onsite Exhibitor)

Short description:

UFCC supplies asbestos-free cellulose fibre cement boards, fibre cement roofing, ceiling, fascia, cladding, decking and fencing products, and is sole certificate holder of the UCO Solid Wall Building System in South Africa.

Based in Cape Town, UFCC has been in operation since June 2005. The company also has warehousing facilities in Johannesburg, supplying quality fibre cement products throughout South Africa and to neighbouring countries. 

14 Tekstiel Street
Parow Industria
Cape Town
South Africa
021 933 0052
Contact person:
Leon Bekker
086 516 0593